A lunch and a market in Dragør

Market at the harbour in Dragør

There are many different markets in the Copenhagen area to visit, but in the summer it is particularly cozy to visit the harbour markets. One of these harbour markets are in the small town Dragør, which is on the island ‘Amager’ in Copenhagen. It’s near the big bridge that leads to Sweden and close to the airport, so if you’ve ever arrived to Denmark that way you may have actually seen it from above or from the bridge.

There’s just something about Dragør that I love. It’s such a gem of a town and it is pretty close to Copenhagen city. However, it is not the easiest to get there with public transportation. The way I’ve gotten there with public transportation is by bus 2A or by metro to Amagerbro St. where I have then changed to Bus 250S – the latter goes straight there. So once you are on bus 250S it’s simple. I know some people have rented bikes and just biked there too, but it is quite far on bike so make sure you’re in shape 😄

A small dairy shop in Nordsjælland: Humlebæk Mikro Mejeri

Humlebæk Mikromejeri building looks like a cheese wheel

Humlebæk Mikro Mejeri

Yesterday I decided to visit Nordsjællands perhaps cutest cheese shop. In fact this building actually houses a micro dairy and does not actually contain a large selection. There is however a purpose behind this decision. I asked the guy working there a bit about it and he told me that the owners wanted to create a small and old fashioned dairy. Meaning that their products will be made how they used to make dairy products in the olden days.