The best face cleanser: IS Clinical Cleansing Complex

IS Clinical – Cleansing Complex

Why is it good?

IS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex is genuinely one of my skincare holy grails. Despite being a bit on the pricey side, it’s worth every penny. The cleanser is super gentle yet incredibly effective. It leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and never stripped of moisture. Plus, it has the most amazing scent that makes my daily skincare routine feel like a little spa moment. It’s perfect for all skin types, even my combination skin, and it’s great at keeping breakouts at bay.

“Mother Pizza” in Kødbyen, Copenhagen – Is it good?

Mothers Pizza in Copenhagen Denmark

Restaurant Mother in Copenhagen

If you’re in Copenhagen and you fancy eating pizza then fret not as that is something that is easy to find here. We have more than 50 pizza places in the city, probably even more. But I alone can at least count up to 12 different pizzarias and that’s just the ones I know of on top of my head.

A lunch and a market in Dragør

Market at the harbour in Dragør

There are many different markets in the Copenhagen area to visit, but in the summer it is particularly cozy to visit the harbour markets. One of these harbour markets are in the small town Dragør, which is on the island ‘Amager’ in Copenhagen. It’s near the big bridge that leads to Sweden and close to the airport, so if you’ve ever arrived to Denmark that way you may have actually seen it from above or from the bridge.

There’s just something about Dragør that I love. It’s such a gem of a town and it is pretty close to Copenhagen city. However, it is not the easiest to get there with public transportation. The way I’ve gotten there with public transportation is by bus 2A or by metro to Amagerbro St. where I have then changed to Bus 250S – the latter goes straight there. So once you are on bus 250S it’s simple. I know some people have rented bikes and just biked there too, but it is quite far on bike so make sure you’re in shape 😄

Six years together

6 year anniversary with my matty

Today Matt and I celebrated our six years anniversary. We had a ‘hyggelig’ little day planned out with a trip to a furniture store to buy our new sofa followed by a small stop at a nearby plant nursery. If you didn’t know; I love plants. Mainly succulents and similar types as they are harder for me to kill lol 😅

Lola Fried Chicken in Copenhagen

Last night Matt and I went to watch the new Suicide Squad movie at Imperial movie theater in Copenhagen. We have previously walked past this little bright yellow Fried Chicken shop, and we thought it was about time to try it – plus it is only like 5 minutes away from the cinema.

Lola Fried Chicken is a super small shop placed between two other shops. It looks ‘cool’ with its bright yellow walls and I am in general a fan of the theme of it. Both Matt and I love a good fried chicken, and we have long been fans of Jagger’s chicken nuggets (if you haven’t tried em’ yet go for it!). We were excited, or you know as excited you can be to try a new eatery, and as we entered the shop to have a look at the menu it was pretty empty.

lola fried chicken copenhagen 2021