01. What camera(s) do you use to take your photos?
I use my old trusty Canon EOS 450 with a standard EFS18-55mm lens, and my iPhone 5, now Iphone 6s.

02. What program do you use to edit your photos?
I use Photoshop CS5. I do often use Picmonkey as well, as they have many built in filters and gadgets that makes it even faster to edit photos. Other times I don’t actually edit them at all.

03. Did you make your own website?
The design was my idea – but it was my boyfriend Matt who built it.

04. What made you start your blog?
It began many years ago when I decided I wanted to share snippets from my life with my family who lives around various places in the world. With time it became my little place in the world where I share my thoughts and opinions.

05. Where did the name ‘Sephira’ come from?
To make a long story short; It was a nickname that appeared ages ago. I then started using it online in various games and it sort of just became me. It’s my online-alias if you will.

06. What do you use to read blogs?
I mainly use Bloglovin’ to read the blogs I follow and if you want, you can follow me on Bloglovin’ right here. I do also use Cappucino, which is an RSS reader app, on my Macbook for more work related blogs.

07. How come your blog is written in English?
I decided years ago that I wanted to write in a language my entire family understands (half of my family do not speak Danish), this happens to be English.

08. Are all photos on your site your own?
Generally the answer is yes! 95% of the photos are my own. However, sometimes for e.g. movie posts or music posts they aren’t (which I assume is obvious). I do my best to make it clear whenever I use photos that are not taken by me.