Top 3 Animated Movies Of 2016

Last year offered quite a few good animated movies. I managed to watch Storks, Trolls, Moana, Zootopia, Finding Dory, The Angry Birds Movie, Sausage Party, Pete’s Dragon (I guess it’s 50% animation) and The Secret Life of Pets. So as you can see I managed to watch quite a few animated movies in 2016, I didn’t get around to watch “Kubo” which is still very much on my watch-list. Perhaps I can watch it later this year at some point. 

Monday Mumbles

♥ 01. Good morning 🙂 This is the year’s first Monday Mumbles. I’ve been busy with all my exams this January so I haven’t really had time to sit down and write that many posts. Alas’ I am through the exams and I finally have time to write again. I’ve gotten the results for most of my exams a part from one. I have passed all and I’m of course hoping I’ll pass the last one too. Would be nice if CBS would be a bit faster with the results… 

Christmas In England

Last Christmas (I gave you my heaaart) I went to England to be with Matt and his family. Christmas in England is somewhat different to Christmas in Denmark. But then again, not that much. The food is different, the date is different… But else it’s pretty similar. It’s about spending time with the family, eating a lot of food and of course opening presents. The biggest difference to me is probably the food. I’m used to having pork and duck whereas in England they eat Turkey. It’s all very delicious in their own way – but true Christmas to me is watching Disney’s Christmas show live on TV and then eating “Flæskesteg, brun sovs og rødkål” (google that and you’ll see what it is).

Two Winter Remedies

These two are my daily best friends at the moment. Winter has well and truly arrived last week and it’s now started to snow. There’s not too much snow yet, but I am certain we will get a lot within a few weeks. And it’s exactly weather like this, where it’s biting cold outside and warm and dry inside, that makes my hands (particularly my right one for some reason) and lips start to feel dry.


Just before Christmas I watched one of the Harry Potter movies (The Goblet Of Fire) and it got me thinking of Pottermore. I used to use Pottermore a fair bit when it had just launched. But then I sort of forgot about it and never returned. Until now! Apparently they have redesigned the entire page, which in turn meant that my old profile had been deleted. I could either restore it or I could start anew. I decided to simply start again and be sorted into my house. And this time I also got to find my Patronus, a wand and find out what Ilvermorny (from Fantastic Beasts) house i belong too. 

The weekend I turned 27

I felt weird about turning 27. Twenty-Seven… I am now in my late twenties. 27. 27. 27! I keep saying it out loud, and I keep feeling weird about it.  Am I supposed to be grown up now? I am not. Not really, not yet. Will I ever be? Do you ever truly feel ‘grown up’? I dont’ know.