The weekend I turned 27

I felt weird about turning 27. Twenty-Seven… I am now in my late twenties. 27. 27. 27! I keep saying it out loud, and I keep feeling weird about it.  Am I supposed to be grown up now? I am not. Not really, not yet. Will I ever be? Do you ever truly feel ‘grown up’? I dont’ know.

On my Birthday I had some people coming over for a traditional Danish Birthday celebration. That entails homemade buns, coffee, tea and cake(s). Matt was also there, and on the evening before my Bday we went out for a meal to celebrate. I decided I wanted to go to Hard Rock Café (big surprise I know ?) and it was as always good service and yummy classic American food. 

I’m glad I went out the night before because I would truly have been too tired on my Birthday to do much, as I had to get up early to bake and prepare. I had a really lovely weekend with Matt and my family, and I got some pretty awesome presents too. Thank you to everyone who made my 27th Birthday special ❤️ 

The fave cocktail: Strawberry Daiquiri

I had an awesome cheeseburger and really yummy fries! Loved the herbs on em’

Matt had some BBQ chicken

I needed a lot of things for my Birthday xD

Me and my roomie <3. She was kind enough to help me prepare all the food


I don’t think there was any space left at all on my little dining table

I need to make this cheesecake again

This is a gluten-free and (almost) vegan cake. I had never made it before but it turned out really good actually. My dad doesn’t like too much gluten so I wanted him to be able to have something nice too.

A typical traditional Danish Birthday cake (layer bundt cake)

Some of the presents I got <3 #luckygirl




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