Christmas In England

Last Christmas (I gave you my heaaart) I went to England to be with Matt and his family. Christmas in England is somewhat different to Christmas in Denmark. But then again, not that much. The food is different, the date is different… But else it’s pretty similar. It’s about spending time with the family, eating a lot of food and of course opening presents. The biggest difference to me is probably the food. I’m used to having pork and duck whereas in England they eat Turkey. It’s all very delicious in their own way – but true Christmas to me is watching Disney’s Christmas show live on TV and then eating “Flæskesteg, brun sovs og rødkål” (google that and you’ll see what it is).

That said, I had a wonderful Christmas in England. Because I was with Matt whom I love, and his family who really are the kindest people. I arrived on the 23rd of December, the day after I handed it my last exam of 2016. That same night we went to this great Scandinavian restaurant The Salt Bar in Macclesfield. On the 24th, which is Christmas to me, Matt and I went to a mall as I wanted to go to Primark. We had lunch at Chiquito’s and later that evening we went to his grandparents house and had dinner and played board games. It was really fun! On the 25th we celebrated Christmas. We started the day by visiting Matt’s grandparents on his father’s side. Then we went back home and had Christmas dinner (which means lunch). Then we opened all our Christmas presents in the afternoon and went to visit Matt’s other grandparents. Later in the evening his aunt and bonus uncle came by the house as we were having ‘party food’.

On the 26th and 27th we were basically just relaxing. We were meant to watch the new Star Wars Rogue One movie, but I got a sick during the 27th just as we set off to the movies so I had to go back. Matt drove me back and I told him he should go watch it with the others because I knew he really wanted to see it. He wasn’t sure but I convinced him and he headed back to the cinema. Fifteen minutes later they were all back, which took me by surprise. That was really sweet of them. I spent the entire evening in bed not feeling well – the next morning I was fine! On the 28th Jessica, Matt’s sister, turned 27 and we went out to a very good restaurant to celebrate. On the 29th I was travelling back, as I needed to prepare for an exam…


Jess and I shared a starter at The Salt Bar


Matt and I at Chiquito’s


My favorite person <3

This is Missy, Matt’s grandparents dog and she is the cutest!

These are the desserts from Christmas Eve

This was made entirely of chocolate. Even the bow!

Jenga time!


Matt and Missy <3

The Christmas Dinner


Andy and Fearne

I was given so many lovely things for Christmas <3


Another photo of my presents


Visiting Matt’s grandparents on the 25th


Jessica arriving at the restaurant

I want one of these Swan baubles pleaaaase 😀

My starter: Baked Camembert with chutney and bread

Matt’s starter: Scallops

My main: A delicious steak with such a nice chutney

Dessert: Banana mousse with salted caramel ice-cream and berries and banana pieces


Matt & his mom


Matt’s dad and grandad


Birthday Girl Jess and her boyfriend Andy


Ended the night with a cake for the Bday girl 😀





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