Two Winter Remedies

These two are my daily best friends at the moment. Winter has well and truly arrived last week and it’s now started to snow. There’s not too much snow yet, but I am certain we will get a lot within a few weeks. And it’s exactly weather like this, where it’s biting cold outside and warm and dry inside, that makes my hands (particularly my right one for some reason) and lips start to feel dry.

I’ve repurchased Origins Make A Difference hand treatment three or four times now so it’s safe to say I love it. And I can also attest to it’s effectiveness! It’s a very rich hand lotion and it’s not too greasy either. Its scent is very mild and comfortable. I think it’s a bit citrusy’ but not too much, as then I wouldn’t like it. As a bonus it is also without parabens and phthalates. I usually keep one in my bag during winter and one on my bedside table.

This lip balm from Matas’ (a Danish drugstore sort of on par with Boots in the UK) own brand “Matas Striber” has surprised me. It smells very sweet of honey, it is so soft and not too heavy on the lips. I can definitely recommend this lip balm for any Danes out there, or for someone visiting Denmark and able to swing by Matas. It’s very price friendly too as it’s only 22DKK (£2).


What are your go-to hand lotion and lip balm?



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