Monday mumbles

❤ 01. It’s one of those Monday’s where I really just want to stay in bed and relax. So I stayed in bed for a couple of hours longer listening to an audio book (yes I’ve recently started to do that!) Today will be quiet, I need to study some and then I have nothing else to do. How lovely! I want to listen to the book though, I really like it. It’s named “A Clash Of Kings”, it’s the second book in the Song Of Ice and Fire series, you might know the first book; “A Game Of Thrones”? Since I’ve fallen in love with the TV show I decided to start reading or well listening to the book too.

❤ 02. Yesterday I was at my sisters birthday party. She’s turning nine tomorrow!!! Every year I seem amazed that she is a year older, I think time flies by way too fast. I still think of her as that ickle cute little baby girl who liked to sit in my lap and whom I could read stories to. Oh well she is still my sweet little girl and lol I tried to carry her but dear god she is heavier than she was when she was three haha. We also went to ‘fælledparken’ where there was carnival, YAY to samba rythms 🙂 I reeeeeeally want to go to Rio and experience the real carnival someday!

❤ 03. As stated above I am going to study some today (and tomorrow and the day after). I have an exam this Thursday in Computer Science (I soooo regret taking that course), and I am a little tiny bit dreadful to how it’s going to go. As long as I pass I am happy! I also really hope I won’t draw a subject called ‘databases’ cause that’s somehow hard for my brain to grasp ahhhh! Else I only have TWO exams left. This one and then an English oral exam next week, which I’m kinda looking forward too. And then I’m done! At last 🙂

❤ 04. Good news by the way! I got accepted to the summer course in a more advanced English course. I need to have it on a higher level if I want to study something with English at the university. Which I think I am going to do, at least I like it and it’s something I am good at so why not study it? I think I might take the business approach tho’ and attend Copenhagen Business School instead of Copenhagen University. They are basically the same thing but the business school obviously focus more on business (funny eh?). Anyway so far that is what I have in mind and if I don’t like it I can always change next year. Have a good monday!

Movie review: The Hangover II

the hangover part 2 collage

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong and Paul Giamatti
Director: Todd Phillips, known for The Hangover and Due date
Duration: 102 minutes
Rated: R
Random quote:Oh, you are having a bad day. Did you die?– Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong)

We are now gathered again to a wedding but this time it’s Stu who is getting married. He is marrying a girl who is from Thailand and her parents really want her to get married in Thailand so all of Stu’s family and friends are going there to celebrate the wedding. Stu doesn’t want a bachelor party and hosts a bachelor brunch before they travel to Thailand. But things doesn’t really turn out the way Stu had planned and this time around they wake up extremely hungover in Thailand and this time the bride’s brother is missing, but where did he disappear to?

The white shores are calling…

In other words it’s time for bed.
I’m sorta really tired and my bed is a mess, or well the left
corner of my bed is a mess. I always seem to have random
things lying right there. At the  moment it’s some clean clothes
and some papers for my exam and a magazine. I really need to remove
the stuff tomorrow. Today has btw been a good
and productive day,
with dinner at Dani’s house and studying for my exam..

Tomorrow I’ll be a busy bee,
I’m going to my exam and then I’m going to an office to hand in an
application for this English summer course I’m gonna take and then
I might meet up with a girl who needs some photos of me for some
portfolio of hers, (she’s a sketch artist or well drawer) And then
{ and then and then and then and then and then…repeat much? }
last I’m going to A’s place to watch Game Of Thrones with him since
he is awfully behind cause he sucks! 😀 It’ll be a busy but good day.

Goodnight y’all, sleep tight and sweet dreams xx

Oh the smell of summer

I simply love the smell of new cut grass, it really reminds me that it’s summer.
I think I have a couple of those certain smells that reminds me
that it in fact is summer. Another is the smell of the sea not as in the smell
of dead seaweed or something like that but a nice scent. And then I
love the smell of flowers too, especially lilacs, then it’s very
clear that it’s summer! Do you guys have any smell that reminds you of summer?

Happy and excited, to disappointed to happy again!!

There’s of course a story behind this title…
So I go out with some trash and on the way back I decide to check
my mail cause I am sorta expecting a special issue of Empire Magazine,
So I open my mailbox and there’s a ton of advertisements and then I see a
huge white envelope and I’m all like “Oh my gosh its the magazine yaaaaay”
but then it turns out it’s just Louis Vuitton sending me a catalog.
I do like their catalogs but I was hoping for Empire so I got really disappointed…

I discover that there’s a smaller envelope from the UK and I think who
on earth sent me something? Turn’s out it’s from Joseph so as I
am sitting on my balcony opening it, I realize what this could be. And at first it looked
like a weird purse cause it was all tucked together but then it hit me…

{ I’ll take a picture tomorrow }

Oh I started laughing so loud (I wonder if my neighbours think im insane!?)
and then I called Joseph straight away. Gosh that boy makes me laugh. It is
such a sweet gesture and fun at the same time. He remembered I had
previously stated that I wanted a Gryffindor scarf and therefor he thought
I should have one. Well thank you so much Joseph

And we melted away…

Gosh it was warm this Sunday at the peer. I went with some friends to sit and drink and enjoy the sun at the peer, we had hoped for some wind but there was absolutely no wind in sight. And boy did we regret sitting there quite fast! It was soooooo hot and we almost melted away. We only stayed for two hours then we went to another part of Copenhagen to have an ice cream. Even though it had been my suggestion to go have ice ream I didn’t quite feel like one when we were at the store, oh well! Then I met up with Andreas to go on a motorcycle ride. My first time EVER on a bike ooh eem geee… It was super fun but boy my body is aching a little today. Mostly my right leg, not sure why? oh but I’m sure it’ll go away tomorrow. Also I am super envious at Andreas apartment, what a VIEW he has it is absolutely gorgeous especially at night with all the lights.

Molly and “bryggen” to the right

View from A’s apartment