And we melted away…

Gosh it was warm this Sunday at the peer. I went with some friends to sit and drink and enjoy the sun at the peer, we had hoped for some wind but there was absolutely no wind in sight. And boy did we regret sitting there quite fast! It was soooooo hot and we almost melted away. We only stayed for two hours then we went to another part of Copenhagen to have an ice cream. Even though it had been my suggestion to go have ice ream I didn’t quite feel like one when we were at the store, oh well! Then I met up with Andreas to go on a motorcycle ride. My first time EVER on a bike ooh eem geee… It was super fun but boy my body is aching a little today. Mostly my right leg, not sure why? oh but I’m sure it’ll go away tomorrow. Also I am super envious at Andreas apartment, what a VIEW he has it is absolutely gorgeous especially at night with all the lights.

Molly and “bryggen” to the right

View from A’s apartment



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