The white shores are calling…

In other words it’s time for bed.
I’m sorta really tired and my bed is a mess, or well the left
corner of my bed is a mess. I always seem to have random
things lying right there. At the  moment it’s some clean clothes
and some papers for my exam and a magazine. I really need to remove
the stuff tomorrow. Today has btw been a good
and productive day,
with dinner at Dani’s house and studying for my exam..

Tomorrow I’ll be a busy bee,
I’m going to my exam and then I’m going to an office to hand in an
application for this English summer course I’m gonna take and then
I might meet up with a girl who needs some photos of me for some
portfolio of hers, (she’s a sketch artist or well drawer) And then
{ and then and then and then and then and then…repeat much? }
last I’m going to A’s place to watch Game Of Thrones with him since
he is awfully behind cause he sucks! 😀 It’ll be a busy but good day.

Goodnight y’all, sleep tight and sweet dreams xx

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