The Ross’ in Copenhagen – Part 1


Matt and his family came to Copenhagen a few days ago, and on the 22nd July we started the Copenhagen Sightseeing tour 😄 It was three wonderful and fun days I spent with him and his family, and on the last day (today on the 24th) my mom joined us at the Amusement Park Bakken.

Last Year on Richard’s Birthday


One of my favorite spots in Denmark

Last year today was a really hard day for me. Richard would have turned 29 and it had only been two months since he passed. I knew I wanted to do something on his Birthday that had something to do with him. I asked my dad and my bestie Dj if they wanted to come with me to the place where Richard and I had our first kiss. It was a bit random that it was there we had our first kiss. I brought Richard there because I remembered it from my childhood. I remembered how beautiful it was and that there was a mini-golf course nearby which I recalled was fun. So we initially went to play mini-golf. However, when we went by the mini-golf course there were SO many cobwebs everywhere so we ended up driving to the beach (the location I went last year).

Have an awesome weekend!


This weekend I am going to be studying for the coming week. This summer uni is pretty tough when it comes to the work load. I hope your weekends will be more fun!



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My two most worn rings


This is why jewelry can matter so much

The other day I thought about the rings I usually wear, because I always pick between one of these two (or wear both) out of all the rings I have. There is most definitely a reason for this, a reason I thought I’d share.