Last Year on Richard’s Birthday


One of my favorite spots in Denmark

Last year today was a really hard day for me. Richard would have turned 29 and it had only been two months since he passed. I knew I wanted to do something on his Birthday that had something to do with him. I asked my dad and my bestie Dj if they wanted to come with me to the place where Richard and I had our first kiss. It was a bit random that it was there we had our first kiss. I brought Richard there because I remembered it from my childhood. I remembered how beautiful it was and that there was a mini-golf course nearby which I recalled was fun. So we initially went to play mini-golf. However, when we went by the mini-golf course there were SO many cobwebs everywhere so we ended up driving to the beach (the location I went last year).

Have an awesome weekend!


This weekend I am going to be studying for the coming week. This summer uni is pretty tough when it comes to the work load. I hope your weekends will be more fun!



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My two most worn rings


This is why jewelry can matter so much

The other day I thought about the rings I usually wear, because I always pick between one of these two (or wear both) out of all the rings I have. There is most definitely a reason for this, a reason I thought I’d share.

Sommerhusudlejning i Danmark // Danish Summer Houses



Dejlige Danmark

De fleste der går i nogen form for skole har fået sommerferie, og de fleste der ikke går i skole holder nok noget sommerferie. Så det er derfor helt oplagt at fortælle jer lidt om sommerhusudlejning i Danmark. Min familie har selv brugt sommerhusudlejning en del gange, og det er altså virkelig skønt at kunne komme lidt væk fra byen og nyde de gode strande, og søde små hyggelige byer, Danmark kan byde på. Det er bare rart at opleve andre dele af Danmark, en den del man ser hver dag. Sol og Strand tilbyder rigtig mange forskellige muligheder af sommerhusudlejning helt fra Nordvestjylland til Bornholm! Der er er både plads til store og små familier, eller bare til en hyggelig kæreste-tur, der er nok at vælge imellem. Som et lille plus er der også ekstra information at finde om attraktioner omkring nærtliggende områder af sommerhusene Sol og Strand tilbyder, og man kan også få rabat til en del af dem når man lejer et sommerhus – dét er jo altid skønt.

An English Wedding


In the middle of my exams I had accepted an invitation to Matt’s aunt’s wedding. Although I felt a little overwhelmed with exams, and sort of wasn’t sure if I should go or not due to lack of time – I am so glad I went! It was a beautiful wedding, and I really enjoyed it. I was very glad to be a part of their big day. She had such a lovely dress and the flower arrangements were so beautiful (Matt’s grandfather had made them). The wedding was officiated at a small English church, and the reception was held at ‘Shrigley Hall‘. The ceremony was really sweet and I almost cried when I saw her walking down the aisle (which surprised me since I do not know her that well yet, but she just looked so beautiful). Shrigley Hall was a really nice venue and some of us stayed the night as well. The food was really nice, and the entertainment at night was really good. They had a guy singing Michael Bublé and Frank Sinatra songs (and other classics) and he was soooo good. Those kind of songs are right down my street! The hotel room was really nice as well, very big and seemed clean haha. The breakfast buffet the morning after was nice as well, a typical English breakfast I’d say.