Last Year on Richard’s Birthday


One of my favorite spots in Denmark

Last year today was a really hard day for me. Richard would have turned 29 and it had only been two months since he passed. I knew I wanted to do something on his Birthday that had something to do with him. I asked my dad and my bestie Dj if they wanted to come with me to the place where Richard and I had our first kiss. It was a bit random that it was there we had our first kiss. I brought Richard there because I remembered it from my childhood. I remembered how beautiful it was and that there was a mini-golf course nearby which I recalled was fun. So we initially went to play mini-golf. However, when we went by the mini-golf course there were SO many cobwebs everywhere so we ended up driving to the beach (the location I went last year).

I was really glad that Dj and my dad came with me. It made it less sad in a way. I just wanted to be somewhere special last year, I wanted to do that for him in a way, I wanted the connection. I’m glad I did. I needed that then. Today I am not going there – not because I don’t miss him or because I don’t care about him. But because I don’t need it this year. It will still be one of my favorite places and I hope to visit that little beach with my kids one day in the future so they’ll have the same happy memories I have gotten from that place (both as a child and as an adult). I will still be thinking of Richard today because it’s his birthday afterall and he would’ve been 30.

Anyway, here are the photos from last year. I took them with the intention of writing about it. I just never felt ready. Now I am.


I have a photo of Richard standing on this pipe


It’s not a beach where you’d go lie and sunbathe but its nice to swim here and skip stones across the water 😀

IMG_3970 IMG_3966



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