My two most worn rings


This is why jewelry can matter so much

The other day I thought about the rings I usually wear, because I always pick between one of these two (or wear both) out of all the rings I have. There is most definitely a reason for this, a reason I thought I’d share.

Let me start out by saying that I love rings. Rings are probably my favorite piece of jewelry, rings and earrings. I really like bracelets and necklaces too but I rarely leave the house without one of my rings and earrings whereas I’m alright with not wearing any necklace or bracelet. But I feel naked without my ring(s)! I have quite a few rings, some I’ve bought myself, some I’ve gotten as presents, some that are expensive and some from ‘&otherstories’ and similar stores which are much more affordable. I’ve got a good mix. But my two favorite rings have both been presents.


The first ring was a Birthday present from when I turned 18 from my (Danish) grandparents. My grandfather had been sick for a few years, and in September 2007 a few weeks away from my 18th Birthday he passed away. I love(d) my grandfather so very much, and losing him was hard. I miss him. It made me sad that he didn’t get to give me their Birthday present, especially when I found out what it was. Besides this ring, I also got a matching necklace and a sum of money that they had saved up for me since I was born. My grandmother told me that my grandfather had actually helped pick out this ring in particular (I say actually because it was usually my grandma who picked presents). Knowing this made me love the ring even more, and I have basically worn it every single day since I got it. I have had periods where I didn’t wear it every single day but I always wore it once or twice a week. And for the past few years it’s been on my finger every day ? The ring design itself is probably a bit different from what you see everyday, and I really like that. I love that the diamond is encased by gold but that the ring itself is silver, it’s such a nice little detail. I don’t remember where it is from, I believe it’s from a small independent shop somewhere in Denmark.


The second ring I have worn almost every day since I got it. It was one of my 25th Birthday presents from Richard (Birthday post here). When he passed away last year, it suddenly meant so much more to me. Having lost a great love of my life means I’m left behind with only memories, lovely memories I might add, and a few tokens of that love, one of them is this ring. It means a lot to me, and it is my second most worn ring. I love the simplicity of it. It’s just a simple silver ring, but to me its so much more than that. I believe the ring is from a random jewelry shop in Stockholm but I am not certain which one.



What is your most worn piece of jewelry, and why?


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