St. Ives


After a beautiful morning and day in Mousehole, followed by a lovely afternoon in Land’s End, we ended the evening with a nice meal at a good restaurant in St. Ives. The restaurant had a beautiful view overlooking the ocean. We walked ‘above’ the city of St. Ives from the parking lot to the restaurant. It was a good 10-15 minutes walk and it was pretty cool because we sort of walked on a part of a hill, or mountain, which had a great view of St. Ives and the ocean. After dinner we were both pretty tired but had a two hour drive to make to our next hotel which was in Teignmouth.

From Land’s End to St. Ives


I remember reading online somewhere that the drive to St.Ives was beautiful. It was not a let down! The view was stunning once again, the small towns we passed through looked adorable and very homey. Cornwall is just such a stunning part of England, I can’t recommend visiting this part enough!

Land’s End


After a lovely morning and day in Mousehole we drove to Land’s End to spend the afternoon. Land’s End is a visitor centre which has a lot of smaller attractions and beautiful scenery. It is also the westernmost point of Cornwall. 



Mousehole was one of my favorite stops on this roadtrip. Maybe it had something to do with us having lunch at the best seafood restaurant!? Well, not just that. The town was just situated in this perfect part of Cornwall right next to the sea. We only stayed for a few hours. We walked around the small town and ate some lunch.

Monday Mumbles


01. Yesterday I was thinking about driving. I have only driven once since I got my license last year. I don’t have an easy access to a car, which is why I haven’t driven more. It’s starting to seem a little scary to drive again haha 

02. Last week I had to make a decision on what classes to attend for ISUP (Summer University). I’m taking two classes due to not taking a full 5th semester. It’s kinda hard to decide on subjects but in the end the choice landed on “Intercultural Negotiation” and “Organizational communication and reputation management“.  July will be a hella’ busy month!

03. Last Saturday I went to stand in line for the pre-launch of Kat Von D’s products in Sephora Denmark. We stood in line for about an hour and when we finally got inside I grabbed one liquid lipstick in in the color “Lolita II”.  It is such a lovely shade. We also got a bracelet which lets us meet Kat Von D next week  when she is visiting Denmark, which I guess is pretty cool actually!

04. This week I’m also going to “Open Day” for master degrees to learn a bit more about the different options I have. I haven’t decided which to apply for yet. Or well, I have three in mind but I need to decide on which to put on top of the priority list when I apply.
Thank you so much for all your skincare tips, it was a really good read and very inspirational. I learned a thing or two at least! The winner of the giveaway is “Pia Sroka”, I have sent you an email Pia. There will be another giveaway live next weekend ?


Happy Monday everyone! x