Monday Mumbles


01. Yesterday I was thinking about driving. I have only driven once since I got my license last year. I don’t have an easy access to a car, which is why I haven’t driven more. It’s starting to seem a little scary to drive again haha 

02. Last week I had to make a decision on what classes to attend for ISUP (Summer University). I’m taking two classes due to not taking a full 5th semester. It’s kinda hard to decide on subjects but in the end the choice landed on “Intercultural Negotiation” and “Organizational communication and reputation management“.  July will be a hella’ busy month!

03. Last Saturday I went to stand in line for the pre-launch of Kat Von D’s products in Sephora Denmark. We stood in line for about an hour and when we finally got inside I grabbed one liquid lipstick in in the color “Lolita II”.  It is such a lovely shade. We also got a bracelet which lets us meet Kat Von D next week  when she is visiting Denmark, which I guess is pretty cool actually!

04. This week I’m also going to “Open Day” for master degrees to learn a bit more about the different options I have. I haven’t decided which to apply for yet. Or well, I have three in mind but I need to decide on which to put on top of the priority list when I apply.
Thank you so much for all your skincare tips, it was a really good read and very inspirational. I learned a thing or two at least! The winner of the giveaway is “Pia Sroka”, I have sent you an email Pia. There will be another giveaway live next weekend ?


Happy Monday everyone! x


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