Back In Macclesfield

view of macclesfield and bollington uk

At the end of the road

The last stop (August 6th 2015) on the roadtrip was back in Macclesfield, where we set off too. We left Champneys after lunch time and arrived in Macclesfield just before dinner time. I remember we were trying to listen to a live stream of a new game announcement in the car as we arrived at the hotel. We only just checked in before we left again for this lovely restaurant “The Swan Inn”. This was the last day of the roadtrip, I went back home the day after.

However, before going back on the 7th Matt and I went to a really big mall just outside Manchester called “The Trafford Centre” where I got a few bits and bobs. Afterwards Matt dropped me off at the airport and drove back home to Bollington again. However, we missed each other a lot already so he ended up buying a ticket for himself and asking his dad to drive him back to the airport. He then semi-surprised me at the airport, I really didn’t think he would do that, but suddenly I saw him walking in front of me at Manchester Airport. It was such a romantic gesture❤️

Monday Mumbles


01. Last weekend I met Kat Von D ?  I sort of felt like a little girl when I stood next to her. I admire her (and all her tattoos which look beautiful up close), and I love her makeup line. She’s really pretty. Her liquid lipsticks are also amongst my favorite lipsticks, ever. And I have absolutely fallen for her tattoo liner as well, it is so nice to work with. Anyway, it was a good experience plus we got a goodie bag (with a mini liner and a mini lipstick)

02. Last Monday Beyoncé tickets went on sale and I snatched two (for me and DJ)! I can’t wait to see her live in July. I’m certain she’ll be amazing live!!

03. #Nerdcorner I spent the previous weekend (two weeks ago) on studying a little, but I mostly spent time online in World Of Warcraft where I levelled pets.. ? I needed a little ‘break’ or to just you know… chill! Yesterday I had a study date with Maiken. We’re working on our Bachelor projects, still a long way to go. 

04. Today I’m cashing in a gift-certificate I have for a mini-facial at Elizabeth Arden, can’t wait! I also need to pick up a new foundation (mine is empty!)

Have a great week yall! x



Ah Stonehenge. This world heritage site has been on my radar for a while, I was so glad to finally see it. (Although lets be honest its a bunch of rocks! A special bunch of rocks though). On the third day at our stay at Champneys Forest Mere we took a day trip to Stonehenge since it was only an hour drive away from the resort.

Champneys Forest Mere

Arriving at Champneys Forest Mere UK

I need to just take a moment and appreciate this place. Champneys Forest Mere was incredible. If I was made of money I would return immediately for a week or two. It is such a relaxing place, a haven. Everything about it was good, wait… almost everything. I think the only place I could have a tiny complaint or want a little change would be the food. 



We only stayed in Teignmouth for that one night and in the morning we were headed for a spa outside London, where we had planned to spend four lovely days! Teignmouth seemed very lovely though, and our hotel (The Thornhill) was really great. It was very old and rather small but the breakfast was really good and the staff was super friendly.

A Peek Into: Making A Murderer

I don’t think it has been possible to not hear about this TV-show since it came out. I remember seeing it mentioned everywhere on social media! It has been hyped so much. In January I finally got around to watch it. I binged it, in fact. Within a few days I had gone through it all. Now here’s the thing; I think it’s an incredibly interesting case, and the people behind the show did a great job in general. And as much as I like documentaries and crime shows, I feel like this was a little too long. I felt there were some things that could have been cut out, things that weren’t necessary for it all to make sense.