From Penzance to Mousehole


Cornwall probably had the most beautiful scenic routes on our entire roadtrip. The weather was also constantly on our side in Cornwall; sun sun and more sun. It was wonderful. I’d really love to go back for a long weekend this year. The route from Penzance to Mousehole was so pretty. We always had the ocean peeking through trees or between houses.



The morning after visiting Porthleven we headed towards Penzance. Penzance had the most spectacular view of the Ocean (okay a lot of places in Cornwall has that). But Penzance was a cute little town and a nice first stop of the day. We parked near the shopping street and went to have a little look around.

Current Favorite Perfumes


The other day I started thinking about when I first started to use perfume. I believe I was around 12-13 years old. I remember getting the Lancôme’s “Trésor” perfume, I didn’t use it everyday at first just once in a while. I actually still have that perfume somewhere in the back of my closet, ah memories! My absolute favorite perfume is (or should I say was because it is discontinued *sobs*) Gucci Envy. I believe I got my first Gucci Envy when I was 15 or perhaps 14. I miss it. I honestly really miss it ‘on’ me. I miss it a lot. 



Porthleven was a short visit. But it was such a quaint and lovely little town.  We drove straight here after visiting The Eden Project. Actually, correction. We first drove to our “Hotel” and dropped of our things and then we drove to Porthleven. I think we arrived at  8 or 9 pm. The plan was to get some food but it was booked everywhere! So we ended up driving to the nearest Pizza hut (which was 45 minutes away!!) It was a long day…