Selfies & Cocktails in USA


Three weeks ago my aunt, uncle and I went out to have a few cocktails. It was my first time in an american bar. I expected to get ID’d and everything. That never happened and I even wore my new black dress… So I guess I look old haha. Well, dang it! We did have a super cozy night with a few cocktails and a butt load of selfies (I don’t have my aunts selfies but she actually took more than me!!). So do expect to see my face a few time ūüėõ


The Beach Bar

I expected to walk into a small sleazy bar with a lot of bikers and creepy people sitting in corners (I’ve clearly seen too many movies) however,¬†it was not at all like that. Although¬†I am sure the sleazy bar i imagined exist somewhere I have simply yet to experience it.¬†I walked into what seemed like a beach bar. There was sand and palm trees everywhere. It was a super chill environment to be in, the only thing missing was music. I mean… Really!? A bar without music? It was a little odd. Other than that it was a really nice place.


My beautiful aunt!

IMG_2753 IMG_2773

My favorite uncle


We even had a share-snack-plate with deep-fried goodies


Bar Louie

After a few hours at the “beach” we decided to find another place with music. We ended up at this “Bar Louie”. It was a pretty classy place. It had music playing and tv screens showing random adult cartoons (and ehh I don’t mean porn). I had a strawberry daiquiri because I normally love that drink… What a mistake! They didn’t use fresh berries at all, merely some strawberry syrup. Lazy I say!

IMG_2779 IMG_2795

Late night flat-bread snack!

IMG_2925 IMG_2894

We went home around 01:00 am. It was such a good night. I’m glad I have that memory with them. Thank you tia y tio¬†?



A couple of weekends ago my cousin Paula, her fianc√© and I went to Alexandria, VA. Last time I was in Alexandria was in 2005, so I guess it was about time I revisited the town! We started out the day by heading to a vineyard not far from my aunt’s place. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a really good time both at the vineyard and in Alexandria. After arriving in Alexandria we spent a good 20 minutes looking for a place to eat because my cousin and her fianc√© are vegan so it isn’t always easy I believe. However, we ended up at SUCH a nice restaurant and the food was absolutely amazing. Honestly some of the most tasty food I’ve had in a while.

Southern England Roadtrip


My summer was supposed to be so different, like I mentioned in this post.¬†But now this is where the road has led me. In this case on an actual road-trip through Southern England. This will be my first ever road-trip. I actually have been¬†on some long family holiday drives e.g. going to Italy, but that was different. We didn’t really make a road-trip out of it, more just drove to Italy for a holiday. I have planned this trip with a friend of mine and I am quite happy with the route. I get to see a lot of places, basically most¬†of southern England. I am especially excited to see Penzance, I’ve been told it’s very cozy!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 23.31.27

I used the app “Roadtrippers” to plan my trip. It is such a genius application (and website). It will tell you approximately how long it will take from point-to-point and how much gas it will cost, it’s a real time saver when it comes to planning! As you can see above we have twenty main locations. These are basically our goals but we will of course see many other towns and things on the way! Today I will be landing in Manchester where I will be staying until the morning. Tomorrow we will start off in Nottingham and we will end the trip at “Champney’s Spa Forest Mere” in Liphook. I will of course be bringing my camera with me! I didn’t bring it with me to USA and I actually missed taking photos.

I will finish packing now so I can head to the airport in a few hours.
Have a great weekend all! ?

National Harbor

National Harbor Sephira

About ten days ago my Uncle, grandma and I went to National Harbor in Maryland. It was absolutely gorgeous. Such a quaint little part of Maryland (almost DC)¬†to see. It was so sunny and if it hadn’t been for the nice breeze once in a while it would have been too hot to walk around sight-seeing. The Potomac River is beautiful and there are simply so many cute towns near it.

Scenes from my godsister’s last exam


In Denmark it is customary to celebrate the very last exam of high-school. Whatever grade you receive on that day (from your last exam) you will have to write inside your hat, so you basically always hope to get a good grade! Two days before I left for USA my godsister finished highschool. I was so glad to be able to be there and celebrate it since I will be missing the actual graduation.¬†I am so proud of her! She is like a little sister to me and I love her very much. I can’t believe she’s already done with highschool I mean whaaaaaat!? Still feels like yesterday she was playing with Bratz and Barbie Dolls.

IMG_0540 IMG_0545

She was a bit nervous as she came out and awaited her grade. Then she got pulled in again and she ended up with such a good grade! She is such a brainy girl! I hope she had a good last day of high-school. Afterwards we spent a few minutes outside the school drinking some celebratory champagne. Later we went to my godmom’s house and had some lunch. Such a beautiful sunny day too!


My proud godmother


My godsister and one of her friends


Congratulations my sweet Ida-Marie ‚ô•