Two weeks in America

I have now been in America for two weeks. (Continuing my “diary”…)

Thursday July 2nd
My grandma’ and I stayed in and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I personally was quite tired and definitely needed a day of doing nothing. I would have gone to the pool but it was a bit gloomy and grey outside so I basically just stayed in all day. I did post the eight days in America post tho’ so I was a bit productive in a way. I also ate a lot of blueberries… Like, a lot! Probably about 800 grams. Seriously, if you buy blueberries and I’m around? HIDE THEM.

Friday July 3rd
We (meaning my grandma’ and I) weren’t actually meant to do anything, but then my uncle called and offered to drop us off at the mall if we wanted. I kinda did want to see all the good 4th of July offers and so did my grandma’ so we happily said yes! We were dropped off outside Macy’s. As we entered I realized we were in the shoe section and I immediately spotted a 75-85% discount section. I ended up buying a pair of flats. I decided I wanted to look for the dress I was looking for the other day in the other mall and I actually found it! I ended up buying that and two other dresses as well. All on sale of course! (I should clearly join the tv show bargain hunters…) We also went to Sephora again where I picked up Too Faced’s “Melted Metal”, and a few other things. I really wanted to try the Melted Metal I had heard some good things about it. I wore it later during the evening and I am not disappointed! It applies beautifully and seemed to last pretty long.

If I lose control I feed the beast within


Such a beautiful song. I was completely obsessed with their song “Little Talks”. Their new album is pretty good as well. I can’t say I like all the songs but I have purchased five so far from Itunes. Human is one of my favorites. I love the lyrics and well, the beat. If you haven’t heard this song before DO press play and give it a go.

Why I suddenly went to America.

And why I moved my exams and basically put my life a bit on hold.

This post has been on my mind for a while. I haven’t wanted to post a status update on facebook or something like that, mainly because I didn’t feel like writing an entire novel there. But my blog is just something else. It’s my little piece of the world where I can share exactly what I want to share and sort of get things out of my head. So, I decided that now is the time. My family and my friends obviously knows about this, but acquaintances and such do not. And honestly I don’t mind that… What I do mind, and what I am scared of is being asked; “so how are you and Richard“. I’m not sure how I’d take that. So I’ve asked my friends to tell their friends and sort of make sure I won’t have to have that happen to me (although I know I can’t completely avoid it). But maybe this post will reach some who doesn’t know yet either and then I won’t have to answer such a question. Am I making any sense?

When my uncle was in Denmark

Remember that I mentioned my uncle visited Denmark back in April? Well, if not then you know now. I meant to share photos of some of the days i spent with him. But exams and other things got in the way, and then I basically just forgot. I’m currently sitting in Virginia in USA, it’s 21:30 and I am just chilling and figured this was as good a time as ever to do some blogging!


Eight days in America.

Wednesday the 24th (last week) I packed my bags and travelled to America.

My morning started with me saying bye to my current roomie, Rocio and taking a shower. My dad arrived at 9:00 because he had some presents I was to bring to my uncle in West Virginia. My uncle visited Denmark back in April and had taken a liking to our pastry and beer, so I had quite a few of those in my large suitcase. I didn’t bring too much myself since I knew I could just do laundry at my Uncle’s and Aunt’s place, which in the end will work out in my favor so I can bring more clothes and such back home with me! We ran a bit late and set off at 09:45 towards the airport. My plane’s departure was at 12:20 so I wanted to be there at 10:20. We arrived a few minutes past ten and met my mom and DJ, who had come to greet me before I set off, inside the airport.  I’m glad both my mom and DJ came to wave, it felt really good to see them before my journey. Well them and my dad of course!

As I was waiting in the line at the security check I could see the three of them walking outside in the parking lot. I tried to wave at them and get eye contact but it took a few minutes till’ they looked up. But then they did and I kept waving like a crazy person till’ I wasn’t able to see them anymore. After I had passed the security check (where you are then led straight into the tax-free shop) I  picked up some Kenzo perfume for my grandma, which my dad wanted me to bring for her, and then I bought a sandwich, some popcorn and a bottle of water and headed towards my gate.

IMG_0603At 12:10 we boarded the plane and I couldn’t believe my luck! I was sitting next to the window with only one seat next to me and it was empty!! So during the entire flight I had plenty of space and I could sort of lie on both seats. It surprised me a bit that the plane was so empty. But, no complaints here… We were served food twice and I didn’t eat anything either of the times. I don’t think I will ever learn to like plane food, the smell basically disturbs me. To make time pass faster (during the 8 hour flight) I watched some TV shows; Jane the Virgin and Orange Is The New Black. I had seen most of the movies which were offered on the flight so I was pretty glad I had brought my Macbook. Oh yeah by the way I got a new Macbook Pro a couple of weeks ago. More about that another day.