All I ever wanted was the world


Marina Diamandis

The first time I heard one of her songs was when “I’m Not A Robot” played on the radio back in 2010. Her unique sound made me want to hear more. Her debut album “The Family Jewels” was in my opinion not as good as her second album “Electra Heart“. I did obviously like a few songs from her first album but mostly “I’m Not A Robot“. When small teasers from Electra Heart came out I instantly knew I would love that album, and I still do. She has written such good songs and to this date my absolute favorite song is “Fear & Loathing“. If you haven’t heard any songs from Electra Heart may I suggest you head to her channel on youtube and have a listen.

Marina Diamandis herself is very pretty. She has a great figure, and such beautiful fair skin. I quite like how quirky she dresses and how she has her own unique style. She is definitely a woman who can inspire others not only through her music but also through her personality. These photos above caught my eye on tumblr a while back and I just had to share them here. Love the shoot!

I’ve previously, as in a really long time ago, written posts about some other women {Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes} who inspire me and who I admire in one way or another. I look forward to Marina’s next album and to see what she’s got up her sleeve.

Marina Diamantis Gif

“You have to be your biggest believer”
Marina Diamandis

Monday Mumbles

mondaymumbles august

❤ 01. To quote Britney Spears; “Oops I did it again“… I think I am just one of those people who blog when I feel I have the time. And somehow the Summer just flew by and took time with it. I’m not gonna say I’m gonna be blogging everyday but I found my ‘spark’ again and time, so at least for the next few weeks I shall be posting. Because I’ve missed it. I’ve missed my little space.

❤ 02. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen that I’ve been in Ecuador for three weeks. I’m currently working on some very heavy photo posts of my trip to South-America.

❤ 03. Whilst I was in Ecuador I decided I should get a perm. It’s much cheaper to get there than in Denmark. So YAY I’ve got curls!!! I’ve had it before years ago so it’s actually quite nice to see in the mirror again.

❤ 04. Overall I’ve had a good summer. Only thing I’d wish was different was that I had more time with Rich. But there’s always next summer and many more after that! School starts the 2nd of September so I have about two weeks left of my summer holiday. Must spend it well. I hope all of you have had an amazing summer!

Sunday Morning


Okay, it’s not morning anymore. I slept till’ 11:45 am today. Don’t you just love those Sundays where you can sleep in and actually have a lot of time on your hands to cook a nice little Sunday breakfast? I do, I’m such a fan of those Sundays.

Starting today with scrambled eggs, avocado, bacon, cottage cheese and a crisp bread with tomato on it. For the rest of the day I will probably be blogging, gaming and catching up on some TV-shows. Let the relaxing commence!


Mini-Cation in Stockholm


I actually went to Ecuador for three weeks. But I will get back to that in a few days. I got home in the end of July and a few days after I packed my bags again and went to Stockholm. This was basically Richard’s and I’s little summer “vacation” together. Next year I predict it shall be longer! {and that we’ll both be off work} Nonetheless we had a good time on this mini-cation. And he is so very missed! Oh and I finally met Richard’s sister’s newborn baby boy cuteness-overload 

I apologize for the semi-low-quality photos. I didn’t bring my EOS Camera with me so it’s all from my Iphone..

Friday was a great day

I’ve been working all day today but yesterday was all about relaxing a bit. Met up with my grandma’ at Tivoli and we went for a stroll around Tivoli and had some breakfast waffles!!! Later we met up with my mom for lunch. Bueno day. Bueno day indeed.