Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it

Jennifer Lopez

I must say that she has been one of my girl crushes for quite a while. She’s somewhat an inspiration because she worked her ass off to get to where she is today. I first discovered her when I started listening to her music when I was about ten I think. I loved her songs, they were very catchy. Remember “Waiting for tonight?” that was one of my favorite songs. She has really evolved over the years style wise. I guess she hasn’t changed that much music wise since she is a pop artist and has stayed in that zone. Althought her “Jenny From The Block” was a bit RnB ish’. She also turned to the movie screen, actually before her debut album, in 1997. But the movie I always remember her for is “Enough“. She really kicks ass in that movie. I think a lot of men drool over her and I can completely understand why, I mean she has ALL the right curves. The photos from above are some stills from her music video “I’m into you” from 2011, I love her style in this video. However, it is probably a stylist who did all that but still. She is beautiful! And she should really get some credit because she still looks stunning even after having twins. I mean she’s still got that famous booty 😛

I made a post about Eva Mendes a while ago where I said I was going to make a few post about my Icons. I must admit that took a while haha. But I will continue with this. I do have a few females out there who has inspired me. If you want to see the post about Eva Mendes click here. Do you have any women, or men, who inspire you?


You laugh it off, you get upset for a little while, you’re human and you let it go.”
Jennifer Lopez

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