Lunch at Lynge Kro and a stop at Fasters Have

A bumble bee on a purple flower zoomed in

Today I went to a small garden center called ‘Faster’s Have’ with my grandma’. I absolutely love spending time with my grandma, and we both like experiencing new places. As she really likes flowers, I thought it would be fun to take her to a nearby garden center.

After the visit to Faster’s Have we went to a small old Danish inn ‘Lynge Kro’ (see photos further below) that was also in the neighbourhood. It was a great Sunday afternoon đź’ś

Visiting my godmother in Hornbæk

sommerhus i hornbæk ved stranden

On a sporadic Wednesday I went to visit my godmother in Hornbæk. She just became the proud owner of a summer house in Hornbæk and it happened to be very close to my job in KvistgĂĄrd. After work I drove to my godmoms house to see both her and my godsister. We had first talked about having some food at their summer house, but I was then asked if I wanted to go on a boat ride and then eat dinner at a small street food market in Hornbæk. As I don’t really go sailing too often I thought it sounded like a fun afternoon/evening. We were also joined by my godmoms friends brother Jeppe, who seemed like a lovely person. I had also never been to the street food area in Hornbæk before and as a Foodie I was quite excited to try that. It was a really nice evening and I look forward to visit them again and also to visit the street food in Hornbæk again.

Barbecue picnic in the park

engangs grill i parken 2021

Near our house there’s a park, actually there are two parks, and in one of them there’s a few benches that are perfect for a little barbecue picnic. They in fact have a built-in metal grid to hold disposable grills – pretty smart!

Saturday morning at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen

nectarines, blood oranges, oranges, plums and mangos at torvehallerne cph

Today Matt and I got up at early to head to Torvehallerne (a lovely market in Copenhagen) before it’d get too crowded. Covid-19 is still here and we definitely try to plan our days a bit more ‘responsibly’. Saturdays in the city are usually busy, especially at Torvehallerne as it is a very popular place. So we were there 15 minutes before they officially opened.

Monday Mumbles

Yellow flower for easter 2021

♥ 01. Hello out there. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Monday Mumbles update. Alas here I am! This week it’s Easter and that means I’ve got some days off 🙌 I took Tuesday the 6th off too so that I have an extra long holiday. I’ve not got any big plans, as lockdown restrictions are still here. However from the 5th of April some restrictions are being lifted and we can fx go to restaurants again! (If you have a negative corona test or have had the vaccine). I will for sure go on walks with friends and Matt, and possible game some and write some blog posts!