Postcards from London #2


Part two of the London trip starts off where part one ended; In Camden Market!

069 119


Aoshii has this beautiful handmade jewelry. I fell completely for a beautiful set of purple crane earrings. The girl who makes these told me the store of how these paper cranebirds came to “life”, and to be so popular. Apparently many years ago during the war ,and bombing of Hiroshima, a little girl got sick. She wanted to get better so she started folding paper cranes in the hope of reaching a thousand so she could have her wish granted; Which was to live. But she only reached 644 and tragically died. Now I do not know if any of this is true or not, its a beautifully tragic little story none-the-less.


An ancient Japanese legend…


I bought some similar earrings in purple

Cranebirds jewelry

I will definitely get another pair next time I am back! They’re so lovely.

Market Hall Camden The market hall Camden sign
A lot of food
Camden sign 2
Horse statue
Robots Cyberdog
Telephone Information Box

“Free cash here”… WHAT?

Miss Poppy cakes

We sat here for a coffee + cake break

Churros from Spain
Miss Poppy Cakes counter

My mom had a slice of cake from here


I on the other hand went for Churros!

Churros con dulce de leche

Churros, Dulce de leche and almonds… YUM!

moms cake camden
Moms Latte
lights in camden Miss poppy cakes lamp sign
Camden stall
Camden lock market
Horse stables

Entering the stables

horsesincamden signs many signs
cups and signs
signs and more signs

I really liked the vegetable signs. Wouldn’t they be cute in a kitchen?

food market camden

The food stalls at the market smelled, and looked amazing. I wish I could have tried all of them. There were soooo many to choose from. Probably around fifty. Next time, Leah. Next time.

people and food
near the food market
Food market camden2
food market camden3
Cherry tree camden food market

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