This is part three out of a few posts. It’ll be pretty photo heavy  you’ve been warned

You can see part one which holds the introduction right here. And part two here.

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I had such a wonderful summer and I got a lot of beautiful memories with me.  Part three was only photos from Sweden. From when Richard’s mom turned 60 and we went to a beautiful hotel-spa get-away. The hotel was at an island and we had the best of times. The food was good and so was the company. Richard’s niece had a lot of fun in the water, well, so did we! There was a pool at the hotel as well, not only a beach. Richard’s beautiful sister, and step-sort-of-sister had prepared such a sweet speech for their mom, it made everyone smile. At the opposite side of the hotel there was an adorable small café and bar. I think that was my favorite part of the place, just sitting there with Richard with the most gorgeous view over the tiny marina. The photo in the end makes me smile so much. I remember I took this one because of my mom. She dislikes the whole “duckface” thing so I took this one and sent it to her. I can’t wait to share many more summers with this man. He is the love of my life. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


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