My Week In Pictures ~ 04

Warning: There’s gonna be a lot of pictures here since I’ve been somewhat absent for a couple of weeks 😛  And as always the description to each picture is at the bottom

My mother bought me these (or well this) earrings in Jordan, I love em‘. Danni and Molly at the Mames Babeganush Concert. DJ at the same concert. My mother going through boxes of stuff my grandmother wanted to throw out. I found this “dog tag” that belonged to my grandfather, I will treasure it. I also found a mask…LOL. Looking out in the garden at my grandmothers new house. Out lunching with Louise @ Subway. My sweet cat Noah lying next to me on some of my papers/books for my exam project. Easter sugar-eggs!!! Dining with my friend Magnus at a Spanish tapas restaurant. Talking a walk in a small town close to where my mother lives now. Thit and Dani (and Magnus legs) @ my place. Magnus and his pwetty crown! Mag, Dani and Thit – we’re playing a music quiz game.


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