Monday Mumbles

♥ 01. It’s almost November and I think that means me and DJ (one of my best friends) need to plan a walk in the forest. I absolutely love going for walks in forests during autumn, it is just beautiful.

 02. Last Thursday Matt and I went to see Thor: Ragnarok. We actually booked tickets almost four weeks ago, as we wanted to get some good seats. It was a very good movie, and if you like the whole Marvel universe it’s definitely a must see! 

 03.This upcoming weekend Matt is going to England to spend some time with his parents, and I think I will have a chill blog weekend and possibly gaming weekend. And maybe my mom will come by and hang out a bit too 😀

 04. During the week I’ll be at work (my internship) and also at my part-time job. I can’t believe I’ve only got two months left of working for TimeLog, I will definitely miss it and my colleagues!


Have a wonderful week all! x

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

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