SO S L L L O O O W..

What is up with me and the slow updates? I have been a little slow lately and I want to up myself since I love blogging! This week and tomorrow I have had vacation. WOOHOO time off school! Next week the whole shebang starts over again. I have been forced to read this horrid danish book from 1700 hundred something… It is not easy to read with all the old words. None the less I have to do it. So Valentines day was last Sunday as many of you might know. I got the cutest card from CLB, some chocolates and Aladdin on DVD. (Yes I am one of those girls who loves Disney movies). Thank you so much for those things, I treasure the card so much!

Today I am going out with my mother since she took some days off work to relax as well. Had an appointment with my nutritionist so it all fit well together. We’re just gonna go through a walk in town window shopping (; I will return later with some photos and so on!

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