Monday Mumbles

01. I’m going to England this week. Yaaaay! I can’t wait to see Matt. And of course his family too. We don’t have many plans a part from me suggesting we go explore some place one of the days. Would be lovely to see more of the peak district, or perhaps Liverpool.

02. I’ve been quite busy with school lately. We have a big group project (which I think I’ve mentioned before) and it’s taking a lot of energy to be honest. I look forward to handing it in in May and be done with it in June at the oral exam.

03. This summer I will, once again, attend CBS’s International Summer University Program (ISUP). I’ve decided to do this again because I honestly really liked it last summer, I feel like I learned a lot. And then also because I am trying to find an internship, and I would prefer not having to do many classes at the same time as an internship. Yay for being prepared ?

04. On the skincare front I’ve been using a lot of sheet masks lately. I’m testing some of the various south Korean brands out. I will definitely write a review about Tony Moly as I’ve tried most of them. But I want to test them out for a while before doing an in depth review. Also, I’ll make a giveaway soon with some masks too. 


Have a great week all! x

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

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