Monday Mumbles


 01. My classes began last week, or well some of them did. It’s kinda nice to be back at campus but at the same time it’s tough because I sort of forgot about the work (study) load. My classes seem really interesting tho’ so that’s a plus!

 02. I finally found a painting for my naked living room wall behind my sofa. Saturday (two days ago) I handed it in to a shop that can frame it for me. Can’t wait to get it up on my wall, which I by the way will plead my friend Magnus to help me out with.

 03. I will be going to theory class every day it’s available this week. I’m not really looking forward to it since it means I will be busy basically all day and now all night too. Long days incoming!  But I do really want to get my driver’s license so I gotta do what I gotta do.

♥ 04. Super random thing; I am running low on shampoo and I am having a smaller crisis because I literally do not know which shampoo to get. I used to only use Redken at some point. I really like the Australian Native Botanicals and Abba, but I can’t make up my mind. These sort of things seemed easy to me before (prior to Richard’s death) but now picking a simple shampoo seems like a big fricking deal. I know it sounds stupid and irrational but that’s just how it is right now…

Have a good Monday (and week!) x


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