Late Lunch At Wagamama


Above you can see one of my faves at Wagamama; The sirloin shiitake salad. Yum! What’s even greater about this is that it’s the main dish with the least calories (about 380kcal) at Wagamama’s. Why is that important you might think? Well, I will get into that soon enough – and it’ll be a long post.

Last week after classes I asked my dad if I could come by for some acupuncture, he then told me he was taking Sarah to this shop that sells martial arts gear (my sister does taekwondo) to get some new gear for her. I asked where and he told me near Ny Ellebjerg station. I said I could just go there, which I did. I actually ended up being there five minutes earlier than them although they set off way before me (by car); yay for public transportation being fast! Then it turned out they hadn’t had lunch, nor had I and so we had a late lunch at Wagamama. Sarah had the teriyaki beef soba, my dad had a chicken + prawn yaki soba and some prawn gyoza. Sarah and I also shared some ‘bang bang cauliflowers‘.

“Dad I’m trying to take a pic of you and Sarah…”

Dad’s prawn gyoza

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