Yummy Cream Potatoes!

I promised my friend J to give his father the recipe for these so-called cream potatoes. So I figured why not make a blog post and share it with everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve made a recipe post anyway! Cream potatoes are, as the name kinda gives away, potatoes and cream, big surprise huh? This isn’t a very fat free dish but it is okay. It all comes down to what % cream you want to use and so on (:

What you need:
(For 2-4 people)

1. This is basically all you need!

2. Peel the potatoes!!

3. Cut the onions

4. Mix the Mornay Sauce and the cream together. I used a 9% cream and 14% Mornay Sauce.
Some prefer to use a cream with more % in it but I prefer this since it’s less fattening (;

5. Slice up the potatoes!

6. Put one “layer” of potatoes in the dish

7. Then put some of the onions on the first layer together with some garlic, salt and pepper!

8. Pour some of the mixed sauce on top of the potatoes and then repeat nr. 6 and 7 until
you run out of space in the dish or out of potatoes..

… And it is now ready to be placed in the oven for approximately one hour. It might
be less then an hour or more depending on the oven etc etc.

VOILA! It is done and ready to be served. I would recommend serving it along
with some sort of red meat like a good steak and then salad on the side!

I had chicken to my potatoes cause I really like chicken haha!


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