Leckerbaer: A Pastry Shop

leckerbaer østerbro


Leckerbaer is a small but lovely pastry shop located at Østerbro, a beautiful part of Copenhagen. It is owned by Gabi Bär Mogensen & Jakob Mogensen who have both worked in Michelin restaurants around the world, before opening their shop. You won’t find the shop on the main street, it is tucked away at a lovely little street – so if you do not know it exist you won’t know it’s there. I never see many tourists there for the same reason, which means there’s usually a seat available.

Denmark is known for butter cookies, which is why I think this shop has gotten so popular; as most Danes love their cakes, cookies and other small baked goods. At Leckerbaer they have given the traditional cookies and desserts a modern interpretation. One of my favorite cakes as a child was a “Hindbærsnitte”, loosely translated to a “raspberry piece”, and at Leckerbaer you can get a mini version of this! It’s very delicate and the sweet raspberry flavors are intense. The mini choux pastry’s are to-die for. I had one choux pastry filled with chocolate mousse and lightly salted dulce de leche – sooooo good. I also had a blueberry sponge sort of cake with dulce de leche. It was also good, but not my favorite. I would love to try all of them, so I guess I should make a trip there soon.

Everything is freshly cooked and made from scratch every day. If you’d like to see how they do it you can too, as they have a large glass window from the outside of the shop letting you see the kitchen. When you enter the shop you will see a sea of cookies and cakes, and believe me it will be hard to pick! The prices varies depending on what you want. The cheapest item you can get I believe is a cookie which costs 15 DKK (£2), and then the rest is up to you depending on how many cookies and cakes you want. You can also get a dessert in a jar (to bring home or to the lake), brownies, meringues and other goodies.

Tip: If there aren’t any seats available, grab your dessert and ask for a to-go coffee/tea and walk to the lake (just behind the street) and sit on a bench there, or alternatively walk to ‘Fælledparken’ which is a large park just a five minute walk from there.

Ryesgade 118 (MAP)
Bus 1A, 3A, 14 or 37
15-160 DKK


The salon

The view from the salon





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