Monday Mumbles

pieces of watermelon

 01. Hi, anybody there? I’ve been semi AWOL for three-four months! I kinda knew it would happen though… You see I’ve been finishing my thesis. I actually handed it in back in May. Went to the defense in June AND I NOW HAVE A MASTER’S DEGREE!!!! I am so happy, honestly beyond happy. It’s been so many years, and to finally be ‘at the end’ with my degree is just a wonderful feeling.

La Neta – Mexican restaurant in Copenhagen

La Neta Restaurant

The other day, Matt and I went to eat dinner at La Neta, a vibrant restaurant owned by Mikkeller, located in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. La Neta specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, and the food was delicious. I particularly enjoyed the variety of tacos and the rich, bold flavors of the dishes. However, I found the chilis and salsas a bit too spicy for my taste, but that’s likely because I’m not great with spices – I’m rather weak in that department, haha.