La Neta – Mexican restaurant in Copenhagen

La Neta Restaurant

The other day, Matt and I went to eat dinner at La Neta, a vibrant restaurant owned by Mikkeller, located in the heart of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. La Neta specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine, and the food was delicious. I particularly enjoyed the variety of tacos and the rich, bold flavors of the dishes. However, I found the chilis and salsas a bit too spicy for my taste, but that’s likely because I’m not great with spices – I’m rather weak in that department, haha.

The vibe and atmosphere were fantastic, with fun Mexican-inspired decor and a nice, chill ambiance. The colorful artwork, lively music, and friendly staff made the experience even more enjoyable. Despite the heat from the spices, I would definitely come back again! Both the tacos, tortilla chips, guacamole and quesedilla was delicious 🌮🔥

Love the neon vibes

There is a salsa station next to the window

The food was really good!

Lol at the title of this napkin holder

Fun wall ‘decor’


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