Three years together

Matt and Leah

We’ve been ‘Matt & Leah’ for three years

This one is for you Matty.

Thank you for being you. You are such a wonderful man. Thank you for being my best friend, always. You always want what is best for me, and you show it. I am grateful for your support and love, and I know you are of mine. I love living with you, every day has become a lot more fun with you in my life.

We do of course have our minor arguments (as all couples do) but I don’t mind them, because they are with you. And we both work everyday on being the best we can be for each other, and after three years together – we do know each other quite well and I love that. Yet there is still so much more to learn.

I look forward to discovering new sides of you, and learning new things with you. I basically just look forward to the future with you. I know it will be a good one as long as we are both in it ?

Thank you for everything hunny!



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