2018: Goals & Hopes

I’m not one for having a lot of goals every year. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just usually end up with one or two goals. However, I am one for making lists – all sorts of lists. A few years ago I made a similar post and it was quite fun to re-read my old goals and hopes. So here I am… Making a new list for the upcoming year. In 2018 I have two major goals I’d say, perhaps even three… I will hopefully see all of them through. I will try to reflect on this at the end of next year to see how I did. 

goals and hopes 2018

Footway: The go-to online shoe store

One of my favorite shoe brands is Ecco. Mostly because they are so very comfortable to wear and because they also create good designs. They’ve of course got some hit’s and misses, but I always manage to find some lovely Ecco shoes.

This winter was no exception. For my Birthday back in October my mom and grandma got me a pair of Ecco shoes from Footway. And about a month ago I was contacted by Footway, who asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them – which I gladly would, as my mom and I, have used their website many times. So on top of getting some beautiful boots for my Birthday from Ecco, I got another beautiful pair of Ecco boots a few weeks ago, which are just perfect for autumn and spring (and winter days with no snow).

Five Festive Reds

My Five Go-To Red Lipsticks

I think December is the month where a lot of red lipsticks gets to ‘shine’. Red is after all a highly festive color and it is (in my opinion) perfect for Christmas lunches, brunches, dinners and parties. I always love a good red lip, and I definitely tend to grab my red lipsticks more frequently in December. I have about ten different shades of red lipsticks and I’d say these five are my current go-to lipsticks. They each offer something different, be it texture, shade or even wear. I must admit though that the one red lipstick I use most of all is the liquid one from Kat Von D, but that’s probably down to my love for liquid lipsticks.