May, 2017.

Sorry May, I forgot to make a post about you. I was really busy in May. I had a lot of exams, and I was just very very busy. My grandma also turned 80! And she had booked a room for lunch at a really nice café in Frederikssund. I did meet up with some friends to watch some movies at the cinema. Anywho, here is my May in a few snapshots.

Have A Good Weekend!

This weekend, as in Saturday and Sunday, is all about cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. My bestie DJ is coming over to help me deep-clean the shit out of my apartment. Okay I realize I kinda make it sound like my apartment is super dirty haha – It’s not! I promise. I just want to do an ever bigger and better ‘summer clean’ (the new spring clean, no?) before Matt is moving in. I want to mention that I feel very privileged to have such a good friend who wants to help out – we will of course be eating pizza and watching movies all night too! I believe one of the movies will be Suicide Squad, she hasn’t seen it yet and I’d love to re-watch it. Here’s this weeks links:

Have A Lovely Weekend

Last Wednesday (two days ago) I passed the last exam of the 2nd semester – in other words; I am done with the first year of my masters. This year has gone by super fast, kinda scary how fast time flies. I passed with a good grade, it completely baffled me but I’m so proud of myself. Mostly because it was an oral exam about the big project we (my group) had been working on for four months. This weekend I would love to be able to chill, however I have summer classes next week and two preliminary assignments to do. All I can say is that next year I definitely need to have July off as I haven’t had any proper summer holidays the past two summers due to summer university. Anywho, here are this week’s links:

A Little Lush Haul


Whenever I’m in England I always have to swing by a Lush store. If you don’t know what Lush is then let me tell you. Lush is an English cosmetics company, which by now has stores in many countries. Sadly not in Denmark (I did talk to someone from Lush who said they will open a store here one day though). I didn’t know about Lush’s story until I started writing this post actually. Did you know that the people behind Lush actually sold their recipes to The Body Shop!? I didn’t, but you can read their entire history here. Lush’s products are always freshly made and with as little preservatives as possible. Their packaging is 100% recycled plastic and they do not do animal testing. All in all they tick a lot of the boxes that are important to me.

Friendly Cooking #3

Oh hi there! My friend DJ (who you can see above) and I decided looooong ago to meet up once in a while to cook something new. Something we have never tried cooking before, or at least something one of us has never tried making before. We’re going to try to take turns. So each time one of us decides what to make, buys all the ingredients for the recipe and then the other one simply shows up – ready to cook! Welcome to “Friendly Cooking”.