Have A Lovely Weekend

Last Wednesday (two days ago) I passed the last exam of the 2nd semester – in other words; I am done with the first year of my masters. This year has gone by super fast, kinda scary how fast time flies. I passed with a good grade, it completely baffled me but I’m so proud of myself. Mostly because it was an oral exam about the big project we (my group) had been working on for four months. This weekend I would love to be able to chill, however I have summer classes next week and two preliminary assignments to do. All I can say is that next year I definitely need to have July off as I haven’t had any proper summer holidays the past two summers due to summer university. Anywho, here are this week’s links:


I hope you enjoyed the links. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or some links you think I should check out 

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