Have A Good Weekend!

This weekend, as in Saturday and Sunday, is all about cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. My bestie DJ is coming over to help me deep-clean the shit out of my apartment. Okay I realize I kinda make it sound like my apartment is super dirty haha – It’s not! I promise. I just want to do an ever bigger and better ‘summer clean’ (the new spring clean, no?) before Matt is moving in. I want to mention that I feel very privileged to have such a good friend who wants to help out – we will of course be eating pizza and watching movies all night too! I believe one of the movies will be Suicide Squad, she hasn’t seen it yet and I’d love to re-watch it. Here’s this weeks links:


I hope you enjoyed the links. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or some links you think I should check out ♥♥


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