A Day With My Mom

A few weeks ago I went to stay at my mom’s place from a Friday to a Saturday. I don’t really do that enough, but sometimes it’s just hard to find the time. Especially with exams beginning now… And the project I’ve been working on at UNI. I hope it will change in the near future as I’d like to see my mom some more ? ❤️  I also look forward for her to come visit Matt and I this summer.

Have A Wonderful Weekend

I gotta admit I’m getting a little stressed out about this group project at UNI. We don’t have that much time left before the deadline and still loads to do. Today we have group work and we will be doing some interviews too. This weekend will be all work work work! Here is this weeks link list:


I hope you enjoyed the links. And please feel free to leave a comment with some links you think I should check out ?


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Jægersborg Dyrehave



Denmark may not have many forests, nor are they that big. But the few we have a beautiful, especially during fall. Dyrehaven is no exception. It’s a small forest but really beautiful, and there’s also an amusement park right smack in the middle of it. Okay, technically not in the middle of it but it’s there. My friend DJ and I took a trip to Dyrehaven (as it’s just 30 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station) quite a few months ago. 

Monday Mumbles

01. I’m going to England this week. Yaaaay! I can’t wait to see Matt. And of course his family too. We don’t have many plans a part from me suggesting we go explore some place one of the days. Would be lovely to see more of the peak district, or perhaps Liverpool.

02. I’ve been quite busy with school lately. We have a big group project (which I think I’ve mentioned before) and it’s taking a lot of energy to be honest. I look forward to handing it in in May and be done with it in June at the oral exam.

03. This summer I will, once again, attend CBS’s International Summer University Program (ISUP). I’ve decided to do this again because I honestly really liked it last summer, I feel like I learned a lot. And then also because I am trying to find an internship, and I would prefer not having to do many classes at the same time as an internship. Yay for being prepared ?

04. On the skincare front I’ve been using a lot of sheet masks lately. I’m testing some of the various south Korean brands out. I will definitely write a review about Tony Moly as I’ve tried most of them. But I want to test them out for a while before doing an in depth review. Also, I’ll make a giveaway soon with some masks too. 


Have a great week all! x

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March, 2017.

March has been a nice month. A little hectic with our group project. Matt and I went to Louisiana (a museum) and had a really lovely day! I went to the movies to watch the new Beauty & The Beast with Dj, and it was sooooo good. It was actually at the premiere and the cinema had created this cool light installation (see photos below). I need to watch the movie again and buy it on Blu Ray! This month I’ve also been out eating a few times with Dj, which is the best thing ever ? ? I also went to a career fair and stood in line for like an hour to get my photo taken for a CV. An hour!! It was worth it though. I also spend a night at my mom’s place and went for lunch the day after and flea-markets.  March was a good month!

Have A Nice Weekend

It’s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friiiiday. Remember that song? Ugh not sure why that just popped in my head. This weekend I’m not doing much, other than some studying and blogging. It’s actually going to be great with a ‘slow’ weekend. Lets continue to this weeks link list: