A Day With My Mom

A few weeks ago I went to stay at my mom’s place from a Friday to a Saturday. I don’t really do that enough, but sometimes it’s just hard to find the time. Especially with exams beginning now… And the project I’ve been working on at UNI. I hope it will change in the near future as I’d like to see my mom some more ? ❤️  I also look forward for her to come visit Matt and I this summer.

Anyway, I really like being at my mom’s and her boyfriend’s place. It’s a really cozy, and it’s in the country side so there’s some great opportunities for taking some walks. I’ve started walking more, something I’ll talk a lot more about in another post I’m working on. Mom and I went on a little walk near their house and I just wanted to share, and save, a few photos from that day. The evening ended with a yummy steak and a baked potato with garlic butter and a salad. I loooove myself some steak.

My mom <33


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