Happy New Year

Photo Credit: Pixabay & myself

Reflections from 2016
Hey guys, I want to wish you all a very happy new year. Personally 2016 has been a good year, a confusing year, a hectic year and sometimes a hard year. Recovering, if that’s even the right word to use, from losing Richard in May 2015 has taken time. Today I am in a place where I no longer feel sad everyday. I’ve been in that place for a while now, which is good. But going through this has left me scarred and I am affected in other ways, ways I didn’t first anticipate. But I have been handling it all. I do not like praising myself, I don’t think many people do really. But I AM proud of myself. Proud that I got my degree this year even though I had so many exams due to last years hell, proud that I am on the other side of the ‘sorrow’, and proud (and lucky) to have met such a wonderful guy; Matt. He is this best thing that has happened to me in a long time and I love him dearly. As I said, 2016 has been a bit of an everything kinda year. There’s been tough times, but also beautiful and joyous times. I look forward to 2017.

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Christmas.

I know that Christmas for most is a time where you are with the people you love, and that sometimes those people aren’t around for whatever reason. But I’ve learned that (even though this sounds cheesy AF) they are always with you in your heart and soul. At least that’s how I feel. Anyway, I hope you will have a lovely Christmas with whomever you are celebrating it with ?

5 Crappy Christmas movies you watch…

Just because it’s Christmas time and you want to get a little sprinkle of Christmas spirit. I think we all have one of those moments when we sit in front of the TV during December and randomly find a super cheesy, slightly crappy, Christmas movie. Now, the first thought is usually something a long the lines “Oi… I already know how this will end.” or “Is this acting?”. Although we consider changing channel we stay because hey, it is Christmas time after all. And we might have nothing better to do… Anyway, here are five cheesy, crappy Christmas movies I’ve stuck around to watch.

Deck The Halls

Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick) has lived in the small town Cloverdale for many years and is the towns go-to Christmas ‘guide’, then Buddy (Danny DeVito) moves in across the road and all Christmas hell breaks loose. In Deck The Halls Steve and Buddy basically try to outdo each others Christmas light decorating skills in some really crazy ways. I’m just glad I don’t live in that town! (Trailer)

A Christmas Tradition

Æbleskiver & ‘Hygge’


Every December on the 1st Sunday of advent my grandma, mom and I visit my mom’s cousin. It is my grandfather’s brother’s children basically. I’m saying children because my mom’s other cousin always comes too. And it is always so very cozy and ‘hyggeligt’ as we say in Denmark. We eat the BEST æbleskiver you could possible get your hands on, drink glögg, create Christmas decorations and end the day with (always) an amazing dinner.


November, 2016.

Hiiii! It’s the middle of December and I am in the middle of exams, but I really wanted to share what I did in November before we are in January haha. My friend Peter who moved to Odense a few months ago (Boooo I miss you) was in Copenhagen and we met up for lunch. I also spent a lovely weekend with Matt, met up with my Bae Maiken for dinner, went to black Friday to buy some Christmas presents and attended two family gatherings. I also had my kitchen floor redone – suuuuper chuffed about that. #feelingold

Here’s a glimpse of my month ?

Met my boo Peter for lunch


October, 2016.

Oh hi there, I know this is a little late. But sometimes that happens I guess! In October I turned 27. I actually wrote a post about it back in October but I never finished it. I will be publishing it soon, with photos from my Birthday and such. I met up with Katrina for dinner at the vegan restaurant Hafnia (she is vegan) a few days before my Birthday. It was a really nice meal and company of course 😀 Matt took me out for a meal the day before my Birthday, I decided I wanted to go to Hard Rock. I wanted something more casual this year and I’ve always loved Hard Rock (just search for it on my blog and see all the posts haha). My family, or well close family, came by for tea and cake on my Birthday. My roomie was kind enough to help me prepare for it. In the end of October I went to my mom’s house for a weekend to hang out as it had been a while since I’d last been by. My friend Dj and I went to ‘Dyrehavsbakken’ which is a forest not too far from Copenhagen, it was such a good day. One of the best actually! Anyway, here is a glimpse of my October;

Celebrating my dad’s 50th Birthday @Souls restaurant