A Christmas Tradition

Æbleskiver & ‘Hygge’


Every December on the 1st Sunday of advent my grandma, mom and I visit my mom’s cousin. It is my grandfather’s brother’s children basically. I’m saying children because my mom’s other cousin always comes too. And it is always so very cozy and ‘hyggeligt’ as we say in Denmark. We eat the BEST æbleskiver you could possible get your hands on, drink glögg, create Christmas decorations and end the day with (always) an amazing dinner.

This year was truly no exception when it comes to food. My cousin, Lise, (the daughter of my mom’s cousin) is great at baking and she had created many lovely cookies and cakes for us. It’s usually her father who makes the Æbleskiver but this year I believe it was her, and they were just as good! That recipe is just the best. Æbleskiver is basically pancake dough, very similar at least, but they are round like apples. There actually used to be an apple piece inside it. This year we also had a different glögg (similar to mulled wine but different). This year the glögg was made on apples, so it was basically a hot apple cider with similarities to glögg. It was honestly one of the best hot drinks I’ve ever had in my life. As in ever. It was SO good. For dinner Grete (my mom’s cousin’s wife) had made two amazing pies, a delicious salad and baked two loafs of bread. One of the breads contained walnuts – everything was so yummy.

Æbleskiver and a new rendition of glögg

“Honningsnitter” are passed around

This year we created decorations by using beads

I apologize for the blurry photo 🙁


I already look forward to next year ❤️

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