Monday Mumbles

(Photo credit: Stockphoto)

01. Good morning everyone. Have you had a good easter? I have been relaxing during this mini-holiday and just taking it slow. I went to see Batman V Superman, and else I’ve been binge watching the X files! Kinda cool that a TV-series that old is still really, really good.

02. Last week I finished a questionnaire for my BA project and I flicked through some books, it’s slowly moving forward! Baby steps, baby steps ?

03. My friend Peter recently shared some news about Morphe brushes. I have considered buying some (and I might still do) but I am surprised that it seems like they are using what is called “Private Labeling“. PL means that their brushes are basically just a sort of dupe of another brush. This is of course all legal, and I don’t really have anything against it – I would just prefer if they stated that it wasn’t their own ‘creation’. That said I would still really like to try Morphe. Stephanie Nicole, a youtuber and a girl who works in the beauty industry, explains it all here (which is what Peter linked me). The video is truly worth a look, I learned a lot about it at least!

04. Today and this week I am going to try and get a lot of reading (and hopefully also writing) done for my bachelor project. Work work. 

Have a good week! x

A Peek Into: Deadpool

Last weekend I went to Imperial ( the largest cinema in Denmark) to watch Deadpool. It was such a refreshing movie. Fast, colorful, quick remarks and beautifully r-rated. Deadpool was filled with jokes and references, such as nods to actors and other movies, but it never felt like it was too much or annoying. I must admit that I was a little worried about Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, but it worked so well. He was, and is, perfect as Deadpool. Overall Deadpool did not disappoint and it excelled way beyond my expectations of how this movie would be. By the time the movie ended I wanted to just keep sitting there and watch it again. I can’t wait for the sequel!

Beauty Essentials & A Farfetch Wishlist


Hi guys and happy Sunday. Got any plans? I’m just gonna stay in, and read some today. Last week I was approached by a lovely girl who works at Farfetch. She has been inviting bloggers around the world to take part in a ‘competition’ where we are to let our readers know about Farfetch’s new beauty section and to show what our current beauty bag consists of. By posting this I don’t actually get anything, but I do have a chance to win a gift card, which would be pretty swell.

Origins Skincare Giveaway ?

It started snowing again today… And here I thought spring was just around the corner. Hopefully the snow won’t stay for long cause flowers started popping up everywhere last week and I definitely prefer the view of them in March. Who wants snow in March anyway!? Since it started snowing today I thought it would be a good day to announce the next giveaway!