Restaurant Ofelia with Maiken

beautiful maiken blok at ofelia in cph

A few weeks back I won a dinner at the theater “Skuespilhuset”‘s inhouse restaurant Ofelia. I invited my bae Maiken to come with me yesterday, and it was absolutely lovely. Food was great and the restaurant looks beautiful overlooking the water. The restaurant serves lunch as well but it looks even better at night due to the lights around the harbor.

From Torquay to Plymouth


I wanted to share a few photos from the drive from Torquay to Plymouth. One of the things I loved about being on the road was actually all the scenery. England is really beautiful with all its hills and mountains. I loved it. I loved driving around (okay sitting in the passenger seat) England and taking in all the scenery. Hopefully some of my shots will do it justice.

We didn’t see much of Plymouth since we arrived semi late. We only stayed there overnight to continue towards Cornwall. The few things we did see seemed lovely though, especially the harbor.



After spending a lovely morning and day in Exeter we decided to swing by Torquay for a meal. I have a friend who lives there and he recommended a burger restaurant to us. Apparently it had won some award for being one of the best in the UK. I would have liked to see my friend but as luck would have it he was in Exeter as I was heading to Torquay. Next year perhaps. We had a little walk around in Torquay before heading to the restaurant. We hadn’t booked any table but it wasn’t too busy when we arrived so we got one. After 30 minutes the place was packed! So glad we got a table because the burgers were great, and so were the chili-cheese fries, although they were a little bit too spicy for me. After our dinner we continued towards Plymouth.



Exeter Cathedral

We started the day with a nice breakfast at our hotel and then we packed our bags and drove into the city center of Exeter. We were lucky enough to find a parking garage nearby the shopping street. We started walking around the city a little and then decided to get some lunch before exploring more. It was pure luck I noticed the restaurant we ate at. It looked very uninviting from the outside but their menu seemed nice so I suggested we tried. As we entered it seemed more like a tiny lobby than a restaurant. However we followed a sign down some stairs which then led up some stairs to a beautiful petite restaurant. It was so dreamy in a way. Not at all what it looked like from the outside. The food was amaaaazing. AMAZING. We were both so surprised and we felt that each course was spot on. The dessert was some of the best I’ve ever had and I honestly need to go back. Yes need.



We left Oxford after lunch time, I believe it was on the 30th of July, and headed towards Bath. Bath looked super cute and I kinda wish we had had more time and the chance to walk around a bit. One of the parks looked super cozy at least. Maybe another time… Initially the plan was to spend a few hours in Bath but because we slept in a bit, and due to all parking spaces being full, we decided to just drive around a bit instead and head to Exeter and get an early night!