Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. I took above photo a wee month ago when all trees were mostly naked. Spring is finally really here and I can’t wait for it to become warmer. I normally don’t mind winter so much but this year it’s been bugging me a bit. So yay, summer here we go!

❤ 02. Remember reading about my ups and downs? Well I passed my re-exam and with a good grade too. So I’m very happy about that {self-pat-on-back}. Now there’s only two months till the next exams lol…

❤ 03. I haven’t written a tv-show review in like forever. It’s odd really since I do like writing about it because I love tv-shows. Or well, good tv-shows. Although I guess that is a matter of opinion! I’m working on a few at the moment. I will share them soon.

❤ 04. I’m very tired today or right now and it’s only 9pm!! I’m clearly getting older. Gonna head to bed in a bit so I can go twerk tomorrow. Oh, and by twerk I mean work. Twerk is what my mate and I call work just to spice it up a little ya know.

Hope your Monday was good! x

Be Okay


This song by “Oh Honey” is one of the most happy and I-want-it-to-be-summer-now kinda of songs I’ve heard in a while. It’s on repeat at the moment. I love it! So naturally I had to share it.

Kanebo Lotion II


As most people who follows this blog or know me, I am a huge Origins fan. However, recently my skin tonic {tonic lotion} United State ran out and I desperately needed a new one. But I didn’t really see myself spending 250 DKK on a new one at the given time. Then I remembered I had gotten this “Kanebo Cellular Performance Lotion II” a few years ago. I never opened it and therefor it was pretty much brand new. I decided to give it ago instead and save the money!

New in: Tripp Trapp Coaster


This table was in serious need of coasters.  I never thought I’d write about coasters. But here I am mentioning them. Only because I think they are pretty. Prettier than the average boring coaster. These are pretty teak coasters which are now mine. Does this make me old? Perhaps. But hey I’m closing in on 30!