Monday Mumbles


❤ 01. I took above photo a wee month ago when all trees were mostly naked. Spring is finally really here and I can’t wait for it to become warmer. I normally don’t mind winter so much but this year it’s been bugging me a bit. So yay, summer here we go!

❤ 02. Remember reading about my ups and downs? Well I passed my re-exam and with a good grade too. So I’m very happy about that {self-pat-on-back}. Now there’s only two months till the next exams lol…

❤ 03. I haven’t written a tv-show review in like forever. It’s odd really since I do like writing about it because I love tv-shows. Or well, good tv-shows. Although I guess that is a matter of opinion! I’m working on a few at the moment. I will share them soon.

❤ 04. I’m very tired today or right now and it’s only 9pm!! I’m clearly getting older. Gonna head to bed in a bit so I can go twerk tomorrow. Oh, and by twerk I mean work. Twerk is what my mate and I call work just to spice it up a little ya know.

Hope your Monday was good! x

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