Kanebo Lotion II


As most people who follows this blog or know me, I am a huge Origins fan. However, recently my skin tonic {tonic lotion} United State ran out and I desperately needed a new one. But I didn’t really see myself spending 250 DKK on a new one at the given time. Then I remembered I had gotten this “Kanebo Cellular Performance Lotion II” a few years ago. I never opened it and therefor it was pretty much brand new. I decided to give it ago instead and save the money!

I’ve used this for about a month now and I actually quite like it. It’s very moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling very smooth. The scent is also completely fine, very clean and neutral. One of my favorite things about this lotion is that there can never come too much out of the flask because it only comes out when you put the tip on something, like a cotton pad. Very nifty! Because I sometimes poured too much out from my Origins bottle 🙁


Is it better than Origins ‘United State’?
I wouldn’t say its better because they are completely different. When I use United State I don’t really get the moisturizing feeling I get when using this. And to be honest I don’t feel I need the extra moisturizing since I use serum and moisturizer… Although I do like this tonic I’m pretty sure I will return to another Origins tonic when I’ve used this up.

Have you guys ever tried Kanebo? Any good, or bad, experiences to share?

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