You guys it has been such a long time since I last shared some of the upcoming movies I want to see. I’ve honestly missed doing my little movie research and checking out what’s out there. The last year has been tough to say the least, and I have been extremely busy and slightly stressed the last few months due to exams. Alas, I’m done with most of the exams and finally have some spare time to blog. Here are a few movies in chronological order that are coming to the Danish movie theaters (they may be released earlier or later in other countries) during July and August 2016 , which I really want to see!



This honestly seems like such a weird but sweet movie. Wiener dogs are soooo cute so that definitely also lures me in, but the humor seems good in this movie which is the biggest reason i want to see it. I also really like Zosia Mamet, she’s so quirky in Girls and it seems she has the same sort of role here.I think this could be good, the idea at least seem fun. You basically follow four different stories which all has a wiener-dog!

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters July 21st.


Alright, this is clearly a cheesy chick-flick! I knoooow BUT I kinda love the actresses and it does seem fun although it seems incredibly predictable. I still think I’ll enjoy it to be honest, it’s just one of those movies that’ll make you laugh. It’s not meant to be an Oscar movie! Bad Moms is a movie about moms that are tired of trying to have this perfect life and then I believe they basically ‘go wild’.

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters July 28th.



I definitely need to re-watch the first Bourne films before watching this, it’s been quite a while. This new Bourne looks really good, not like the last flop of a spin-off. It seems, as always, action-packed and Jason is as bad-ass as ever. Matt (ehm not Damon) actually made me aware of this movie which is why it hit my radar. I expect it to be good since it has good well-known actors in it.

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters July 28th.


If there is one thing I love it is animated movies! I loved Despicable me, and… anyone here who remembers Homeward Bound!? I remember watching that movie over and over and over again. So this movie is right up my street. The Secret Life of Pets focuses on a dog named Max who gets a new ‘brother’. They do not get a long and this turns Max’s world upside down – it obviously also quite simply shows what pets do when humans aren’t around. I’m going to see this with my friend DJ and I can’t wait!!

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters August 4th.

captain fantastic


I think this story seems so beautiful and sincere. I really like Viggo Mortensen as well and all the kids seem to be good actors too. This is the story about a couple who raises their kids out in the forest away from all modern technology. When the mom gets sick she is hospitalized and this means that the family now has to leave the forest and enter the ‘real’ world – this of course seems very different to the kids because they don’t really know this world.

 Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters August 4th.


My heart loves almost everything Jane Austen has written, and this movie is based on one of her novels. I like Kate Beckinsale and she seems great in the trailer. I love the ‘old’ humor and the clothes, furniture and all that comes along with it. The main character Lady Susan is somewhat of a flirt, and she is on the hunt for a husband for her daughter and only the richest is good enough for her.

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters August 11th.



A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency. Will smith and Robbie Margot meet again (‘focus’ anyone). I think they worked so well together last time. This time there’s also a lot of other cool names one being the Swedish star Joel Kinnaman from ‘Run All Night’ and ‘The Killing’, or Ben Affleck and Jared Leto. It’s gonna be good isn’t it… ?

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters August 11th.



When it was announced that they were (finally) doing a sequel to Finding Nemo I got so excited. I normally am not the biggest fan of sequels but I am a fan of Disney, Finding Nemo and Ellen Degeneres. Dory begins to remember things (which is remarkable since she’s never been able to remember things) and she sets off to find her family only to get captured. Although it does seem like it will remind a lot of Finding Nemo, I still really want to see it.

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters August 25th.



This movie seems SO INTERESTING, what a creepy idea for a plot. The worst part is that this seems like something that could sort-of happen in today’s world of social media. I really look forward to see this, even though I actually don’t particularly like Emma Roberts (she kinda annoys me not sure why). This movie is about a game ‘Nerve’ which ordinary people can play online – a part from it consist of challenges sort of like truth or dare in real life. Like I said, the concept is creepy and a bit crazy but the thing is this shit could happen, couldn’t it?

Trailer & Imdb

The movie will be out in theaters August 25th.


Which movies are YOU going to see in July and August?


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