Last Seen In The Cinema: “The Revenant”


The-Revenant-4 the-revenant-3 The-Revenant-2 The-Revenant-1 the-revenant-7 The-Revenant-5

Fear, power, rage and revenge. Four words I think sum up this movie pretty darn well. The scene with the bear, oh god. That scene was hard to watch, it was almost as if I was there right next to them. The story is very brutal but also very beautiful. I can’t believe that this is actually based on a true story (of course with slight hollywood-esque modifications). I honestly hope DiCaprio will win an Oscar for this, he deserves it. He was absolutely phenomenal. I think it is his best role so far and he has had many good ones in my opinion. The cinematography was truly spectacular too.The music was perfect for each scene, tragically beautiful.


(Photo credit: iamag & 20th century fox)


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